Please remember that the more detail you provide, the more successful our appointment will be.

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes.

Whether living in or renting your new home, now is the opportunity to make decisions that add to its uniqueness.

All questions are optional (except community and suite number) and answers remain confidential with Tridel Customer Care.

The Basics

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Will you be using an interior designer?

Your availability and involvement

Although we have a wonderful in house design team, we also want to involve you in the creation of your home.
Please let us know how involved you wish to be?
I want to be personally involved, attending all appointments and reviewing all documents
I want the Time Saving option of selecting one of the Tridel Designer Preselected Decor Packages
I would like Tridel to make selections on my behalf (based on my responses and review with me at the appointment)
I would like my Designer / Designate of Agent to participate on my behalf and represent me during appointments